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Wednesday September 14
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

As part of our Successful Ageing Seminar series, we invite you to attend this FREE seminar to hear from leading cancer researchers on the latest efforts to develop more effective, personalised cancer treatments.

Professor Natasha Harvey, Director: Centre for Cancer Biology
Professor Harvey's work aims to understand how the lymphatic vasculature is constructed during development and how this process “goes wrong” in human pathologies including cancer, vascular malformations and lymphoedema. Her work has been published in leading international journals including Nature Genetics, Blood, Development, The Journal of Clinical Investigation and Science Translational Medicine.

Professor Yeesim Khew-Goodall, Head, Cell Signalling Laboratory, Centre for Cancer Biology
Professor Khew-Goodall's research focuses on the discovery of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for cancers that do not currently have reliable targeted treatment options, and to identify the mechanisms underlying therapy resistance. This research aims to find better treatments for the most aggressive types of cancer, including triple negative breast cancer in women and the childhood brain cancer, neuroblastoma.

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