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Thursday 21 September
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
As part of our Successful Ageing Seminar series, we invite you to attend this FREE seminar to hear from two notable presenters on the neuroscience of pain - an incredibly complex phenomenon.

Dr Tasha Stanton
Senior Research Fellow, BodyinMind Research Group, University of South Australia

Dr Tasha Stanton is a Senior Research Fellow with the BodyinMind Research Group at the University of South Australia and Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney. She currently holds a National Health & Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowship and has published over 50 journal articles in the area of chronic pain. Tasha’s presentation will explore the complexity of pain and delve into new findings from pain neuroscience, suggesting that how our body is represented in the brain may play an important role in our pain experience.

Dr Daniel Harvie
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Recovery Injury Research Centre, Griffith University

Dr Daniel Harvie is a clinical physiotherapist and pain investigator at the Recovery Injury Research Centre at Griffith University. He completed his PhD in the BodyInMind Research Group at the University of South Australia. Daniel is focused on brain-based contributors to persistent pain, and on developing brain-targeting treatments. His presentation will discuss some adaptive characteristics of pain as a protective system—characteristics which enable it to exist beyond healing and usefulness. His talk will challenge the dominant tissue-focused view of ongoing pain, and introduce new ideas relating to learning and memory that better explain persistent pain.
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